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An innovative platform for investing in real estate and digital assets for your future, registered in the state register of Georgia in the city of Batumi, reg.  number 445581095.  We provide everyone with the opportunity to invest in digital assets of promising projects, own shares in these companies, and invest in the construction of commercial and real estate around the world from 1 square meter in order to get the maximum benefit. 

The Grid Group company also has its own electronic payment system GridPay, thereby simplifying all transactions and payments on various payment Systems of the World, including Visa, MasterCard and Cryptocurrency wallets... 

It is also important that the platform has a 7-level partner program. The Grid Group team has developed a unique model where partners can create their own capital by earning on real estate investment obligations and earn income through the partner program. Get passive income by simply storing GRD tokens on your balance

Grid Group Team

Vitaly Maslennikov

Founder CEO Grid Group

Marat Murtazin

Development Director at GRID GROUP

Anastasia Kuznetsova

Specialist in PR Grid Group and PR

David Babenko

Head of Grid Group Real Estate Europe

Sandro Abeslamidze

Grid Group Project Mentor

Finogenov Valentin

Promotion and marketing of the Grid Group


Grid Group "Company"
Georgia, Batumi,
20 Takaishvili street
Number from the state register: Georgia::№ 445581095


Full information about the Company can be received daily at 11.00 and 17.00 Moscow time live from  on the YouTube channel, as well as in the telegram chat group, where you will be answered all your questions about  the

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